Major projects

2002 y.- ... transportation of paraffin to the European Union from  Russian manufacturer (Lukoil, Slavneft), road transport (by date).

2004 - 2005 y. transportation of equipment for the agricultural company "Zolotaja Niva" road transport.

2005 - 2008 y. transportation of medical equipment to the national priority program health development, road transport.

2008 y. - ... transportation of equipment to the gas industry of the CIS, road transport, rail transport, including the "oversized", air transport (by date).

2011 y. - involvement in the construction of the terminal for handling of  fertilizers in Kotka, Finland, organizing logistics and documentation schemes for the terminal work ( company Fertilog OY).

2012 y. - ... development of logistics and supply organisation of textile products for the international concern Textile to the World, road transport, air transport (by date).

2013 y.- ... transportation and storage in Tallinn of the medical products for Alvogen, Russia, transportation the building materials to the Russia from EU countries (by date).

2014 y.- ... transportation, storage, documentary support of goods for design studios from the EU, Amerkia, China to Russia (to the present day).

2015 y.- ... transportation of furniture products from the Russian factories Borovichi Furniture, Elegia to the EU countries (to the present day).

2016 y.- ... transportation, storage of lenses, spectacle glasses, equipment for processing spectacle glasses from the EU, Amerkia, China to Russia (to date).

2017 y.- ... we continue working projects and develop new ones.

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