About our company

Translux company was founded in 2002 by experienced specialists in logistics,                                                
who have experience in the transport sector since 1996 year.                                                
Initially, the company position was as a forwarding company.                                                
At the moment, we are one of the best specialists in the " network logistics " and                                                
resolve any issues related with transportation process of the goods, we pay special attention to the paperwork.  
For 15 years, the company has established strong approved contacts with partners from Russia, Kazakhstan,   
Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries.                                                
Today the company offers a  wide range of services covering all the requirements of the client.        
Our experience allows us to anticipate the complex situation in the entire logistics process. 
Looking for a reliable logistics company in Estonia - Translux OU your right choice!      
Always looking for the new business contacts.    

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